Datacenter & Buildings

In order to ensure an environment in which components function at their best for IT&C there is a need to plan the data center so that all the work can be carried out at the highest professional level, in line with regulations that ensure the hosting company can conform to all the conditions necessary for security, prevention of and protection against fires and limit access to those unauthorized with the server and communications equipment.

Heat and water absorbent walls and ceilings:

  • Using special materials, according to the laws in force for the room’s interior and exterior walls, providing:
    • fire protection;
    • thermal protection;
    • waterproof solutions;

The access doors

Double-leaf doors made of metal, are equal or unequal double-leaf doors and fire resistant. The double-leaf doors resistance being similar to that of the walls. Door dimensions for server rooms will be of a size that allows access for equipment on their own wheels or on a pallet truck, and for ease of opening in the emergency situations.

There will be a raised floor installed, made of metal that will support specific loads depending on the characteristics of each project. Before installing the raised floor, the concrete floor will be covered with antistatic paint. The raised floor will be installed in such a way that there will be variable height and seismic protection for the racks (further strengthening the support structure).

The support structure includes:

  • adjustable shaped head vertical columns for fixing the horizontal beams (stringers) with screws and with a foot for fixing to the concrete floor, made of galvanized metal;
  • horizontal beams made of profiled steel, corrosion protected, which are fixed with screws to the head of the adjustable shaped head vertical column;
  • panels for the raised floor, which are a standard 600 × panels for the raised floor, which are a standard 600 × 600 mm, made of fireproof conglomerate. 600 mm, made of fireproof conglomerate.

Our expert team will provide design and implementation services for structured cabling. These services are based on standards required to install the cabling and equipment that goes into data and/or voice networks; for data centers for offices or buildings.

Using the latest equipment, QBS experts can provide certification, recertification and analysis of copper and fiber optic networks.

An effective solution for structured cabling guarantees the following benefits:

  • Reducing operating costs of voice and data infrastructure;
  • Reliability based on proper components and redundant paths;
  • Scalability and flexibility: allows ease of installation of new terminals, servers and other equipment;
  • Simplified and centralized maintenance.

Through its ARTS certified specialists, QBS can design and implement physical security systems for data centers, office and residential buildings. This activity is certified by the certification bodies in the sector by the granting of design, installation and service licenses.

Security systems provided are:

  • Control access systems;
  • Fire detection and alarm systems;
  • Video surveillance systems;
  • Intrusion detection systems;